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Swimming Pool Deck Installation in Palm Coast

Luxury Pool Deck Installation in Palm Coast

Choosing materials is probably one of the most important tasks when building a pool deck. It is not just a matter of picking what you think is beautiful and elegant. Instead, there are many other factors to consider, including durability, ease of installation, maintenance, and more. Keep reading this guide to learn more about some common material options for your residential pool deck.


Just like other areas in your home, concrete has always been a favorite material for decking areas. It would create a smooth surface that is available in a wide range of shades besides the common grey you often see. Some kinds of architecture, such as the contemporary and Mid-century, might call for the uncomplicated and clean lines of concrete. Keep in mind that a concrete deck should be done by a professional contractor.


Brick has long been used as a material for pool decks. This material is simple to maintain and extremely durable. Unlike terra cotta, there are also many color options to choose from. However, moss tends to grow and spread on cool brick surfaces. This means that you have to maintain it on a regular basis. Otherwise, it would become slippery easily in rainy seasons, which eventually leads to dangerous accidents.


Paver is a popular form of hardscape for decks and paths. It is available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials such as aggregate, stone, and concrete. Many people often see this as a great alternative to plain-poured concrete as it can resemble the look of tile, granite, or cobblestone.


Stone can create a natural looking surface for your deck. Also, it provides sufficient texture to resist slipping and improving the overall architectural or landscaping features. Many options are available at different prices, which can be determined by the availability in your areas. Some common types of stone for pool decking projects include porphyry, granite, limestone, sandstone, as well as quartzite.


A highly-glazed tile decking surface that becomes wet would create a risky situation for any person who walks near your swimming pool. As tile is typically graded for slip-resistance, it is better to ensure safety and go for water-impervious porcelain, vitreous, or unglazed terracotta tile which would endure freezes and frosts. A benefit of having a tile deck is that it would establish a seamless transition from your outdoor to your indoor space. However, the price can be a little bit more expensive than some options mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right material for your residential pool deck is important to ensure overall look and safety. While there are many options, the key is to make sure it can meet your overall needs and preferences. If you are looking for a professional summer deck installation service in Palm Coast, FL, then do not hesitate to call us now at 386-516-5096. We provide a variety of high-quality and durable yet affordable services on installing and repairing pool decks, family decks, and even commercial decking. Contact us to get free quotes and consultation.