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When the winter comes, a sudden drop in the temperature would make your friends and family feel uncomfortable when sitting on the deck. To maximize your outdoor time and enjoy the party, it is a good idea to bring some heat. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay warm during the cold days. Let’s take a look at the 3 best options you need to consider.


Compared to other options on this list, a fireplace comes with a quite different dynamic. It would anchor your decking area, while a fire pit or heater would establish a concentric space for social gatherings.

This is a great option for those who want their outdoor area looks similar to a dining or living room. Most fireplaces are specially made to use for a small number of people. It could create a comfortable, intimate, and cozy atmosphere, which is perfect for close friends or even romantic relationships.

Typical fireplaces often produce from 40,000 to 50,000 BTUs. Of course, the number would increase when you have a bigger structure. They can be powered by wood, ethanol, or gas.


Heaters are one of the most luxurious heating options for many commercial areas, such as seaside resorts, pub bars, or restaurants. So, if you have a generous budget, this can be a great option for this winter. The main benefit of heaters is that they would easily evaporate heat into the surrounding space and bring warmth to everyone.

More importantly, outdoor heaters do not produce smoke, making them great for those people with respiratory issues or hate the smell of smoke. The standard heating capacity of heaters is around 45,000 BTUs. However, the levels can vary a lot, depending on your needs.

Fire Pit

Having a fire pit can be a simple yet effective way to make your deck look beautiful. While it does not spread heat as well as a heater, this unit would create better visual effects. Thus, you can place a fire pit in the center of the area to serve as a gathering point. It is a great option for large parties that require conversation and engagement.

There are many options available to choose from. These include freestanding, hanging, wall-mounted, or tabletop. Heating capacity can vary greatly, depending on the size. A 5 to 10-inch flame would generate around 50,000 BTUs, while a 15 to the 20-inch unit would radiate around 140,000 BTUs. Make sure to determine your needs and preferences to choose the right product for your decking area.

The Bottom Line

There are many options to provide heat and warm up your residential decks. All that you need to do is to determine your purpose and choose a suitable one for your needs. If you are looking for a professional deck installation service in Palm Coast, FL, then do not hesitate to call us now at 386-516-5096. We provide a variety of high-quality and durable yet affordable services on installing and repairing arbors, pergolas, patio decks, and other styles. Contact us to get free quotes and consultation.