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Arbor, Pergola, and Shade Structure Design in Palm Coast

Arbor and Pergola design and installation in Palm Coast - Palm Coast Deck Builder

After building arbors and pergolas in your backyard, it’s time to grow some vines to decorate these overhead structures. In addition to establishing shade, they would highlight the overall shape, whether it is flat or arched. Also, these plants would add a touch of beauty to your garden. In this article, we’ll show you some popular types of vines for your arbors or pergolas.


Clematis is a beautiful vine that needs around 6 hours of sunlight per day to bloom well. You would grow it around a fence, pergola, or arbor to support the stems. Make sure to add mulch and water regularly for the best growth. There are up to 200 species of clematises with different colors and sizes.


If you want a plant that could bring colorful tones across your structure, then go for bougainvillea. This is a native vine in subtropical and tropical areas. It can be grown in a container or limited area. Bougainvillea could grow quickly up to 30 feet. The bracts could come in a variety of tones, such as orange, yellow, orange, or white.


While wines are often grown to make wine, they can be a great vine to decorate your arbors or pergolas. This type of vine is great for tropical and hot climates. Your wooden structure can be a great area to provide support and a framework for grapes to thrive and climb. You can choose black, green, purple, or a combination of these tones.


Native to tropical regions, passionflower is available in up to 500 species. With support from an arbor or pergola, it would grow and climb up to 40 feet. This vine can tolerate most soils, but the most optimum condition is regular sun and water with dappled shade. There are many color options and some species can even produce fragrance.


This evergreen vine is originated from China. It is a popular option for many gardens thanks to its pleasantly fragrant blossoms. The flowers can have rose and white tones. You can plant jasmine in containers or in the ground and train it over pergolas or arbors. In warm climates, jasmine can bloom in late winter to early spring. However, you can see flowers during the year.

Trumpet Creeper

Trumpet creeper can often be found in eastern regions of the United States. It can grow well in cold areas, but you can also plant it in other regions due to its great drought tolerance. This vine is a quick grower and would quickly reach up to 40 feet in size. Tubular flowers could bloom in yellow, orange, and red during the summer seasons.

The Bottom Line

Pergolas or arbors would adorn your garden by capturing attention and eliciting compliments. Adding these vines and these structures will look more impressive and beautiful. If you are looking for a professional contractor for pergolas and arbors in Palm Coast, FL, then do not hesitate to call us now at 386-516-5096. We provide a variety of high-quality and durable yet affordable services on arbor builders, pergola and patio builders. Contact us to get free quotes and consultation.